Project Planning

Comprehensive project planning is essential to efficient management of large construction projects and has long been recognised as a key element of best practice. However, time pressures and other priorities often leave project managers with insufficient time for the initial production and/or ongoing updating of programmes. Added to this, modern project scheduling software is highly complex and does not always operate as might be expected.

This can lead to inconsistent or unexpected results when programmes or produced by people with limited knowledge of the software. Learning the intricacies and nuances of different scheduling software takes a considerable time, and is often beyond the time constraints under which many project managers are required to work.

The result of the above is often poor quality programmes which soon become out of date and are not used for proactive project and commercial management.

In order to overcome such difficulties, GLR Consulting can provide highly skilled and experienced project planners who can support project managers by relieving them of the technical tasks associated with operating complex scheduling software, and provide a sounding board for practical project management decision making.

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