Forensic Surveying

Despite the best of intentions it is sometimes the case that a client’s Quantity Surveyors are unable to keep pace with progress on site. This can lead to poor record keeping, late or missing notifications, and inaccurate assessments of entitlement. If such a situation continues for more than a short period of time it can become impossible to catch up using existing resources.

This is where GLR Consulting can add significant value to our clients’ projects by providing experienced Quantity Surveyors who can undertake a systematic forensic examination of available records to identify and value issues that have been missed. This leaves our client’s staff free to focus on managing the live aspects of the project, with which we can also provide assistance if required.

We have also had cases where clients’ project staff move on to other projects or organisations, records get misplaced, emails and files get archived or lost. The task of establishing what happened, where liability/entitlement lies, and the extent of that liability therefore becomes frustrated by difficulties in tracking down and collating relevant data before any kind of analysis can even begin.

Our consultants have significant experience in collating and processing emails, files and other data from a variety of IT systems. We also have staff with formal computing qualifications and large scale IT systems management experience. Therefore whatever technology related difficulties you may have, we have the experience and expertise to overcome or minimise these and facilitate rapid progress in analysing project information.

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