Delay Analysis

Despite the best of intentions it is sometimes the case that clients’ staff are unable to keep pace with the need for revised and/or updated programmes during the project.

As the last programme becomes more and more out of date, agreement of the time effects of variations and delays becomes increasingly difficult. Eventually this process may break down leaving the parties to complete the project uncertain as to any Extension of Time entitlement and to argue over the issues long after the project is otherwise complete.

In such circumstances GLR Consulting can add significant value to our clients’ projects by providing experienced consultants who can undertake a systematic forensic examination of available programme records to identify and quantify delays that have been missed or incorrectly assessed. This will greatly accelerate progress in reaching a position where a commercial assessment can be taken as to the merits of any potential claims, and provide greater certainty for senior management as to the true commercial position of the project.

Should the need arise we can also assist with pursuing or defending claims through formal Dispute Resolution processes such as Adjudication, Litigation or ADR procedures such as Early Neutral Evaluation or Mediation.

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